Our cabinets are made right here in Oregon. We source our wood and hardware products from wherever we can get the best value and that enables us to keep our prices low.

We are country folks who don't go in for all of the expensive advertising hype and other foo foo stuff that just adds to the price you pay for your cabinets.

There are a few important advantages to offering our customers unfinished cabinets

  • You get to choose the finish you want.
  • Your out-of-pocket expense is lower.
  • We don't have to worry about expensive regulations that drive prices up.

All of these things help describe who we are and how we operate but the one thing that we strive to achieve every day is customer satisfaction.

If you ever have a defective cabinet part in one of your cabinets, bring it to us and we'll exchange the defective part for a new one. This service is good for one year after your purchase.

We welcome commercial customers, too. If you are a builder, remodeler, handyman, or property manager, you should come and see us. We could be an important source for your cabinet needs.

Homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, and weekend warriors can install their own cabinets at a fraction of the price of a contracted job. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to install cabinets but some knowledge or a knowledgeable friend can make it easier.

Our local warehouse keeps inventory of all our products on hand but it's possible that an item could be out of stock for a short time. We restock on a regular basis, as demand dictates.